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  1. to do, to make


  1. to ferment, to brew


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Gera is the third largest city in the German state of Thuringia after Erfurt, the Thuringian capital. It is situated in east Thuringia on the river "White Elster" (literally the "White Magpie"), approximately 60 kilometres to the south of the city of Leipzig and 80 kilometers to the east of Erfurt. In 2006 Gera had a population of approximately 102,000.


The name Gera was first mentioned in 995. From 1848 to 1918, Gera was the capital of the Reuss junior line principality. In 1920 the city became part of Thuringia (German: Thüringen). Large portions of the city were destroyed by aerial bombing in 1945. Until German reunification in 1990, the city belonged to the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).

Main sights

Sights in Gera include:
Museums in Gera include:
  • City Museum
  • Otto Dix House
  • Art Galley "Orangerie"
  • Museum of Natural History ("Schreiber House", oldest building in the city)
  • Museum for Applied Arts ("Ferber House")
In 2007 Gera, together with Ronneburg, is venue of the Bundesgartenschau (the federal horticultural show).


In the eastern part of Gera lies the airfield Gera-Leumnitz. The nearest airport is Leipzig-Altenburg (approx. 40 km). The airport Leipzig-Halle with many international destinations is about 90 km north of Gera.

Notable natives

External links

  • Gera Official website of the city


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